Structure Design and Stress

GURUCAD has extensive design working experience in Preliminary, Detail and Development Phases for the following aircraft structural components:

Primary Structure (composite, metallic): skins, frames, stringers, clips, cleats, stringer/frame couplings…
Passenger/Cargo Floor-Grid Structure (composite, metallic): crossbeams, seat-tracks/rails, floor panels…
Passenger/Cargo Door Structure (composite, metallic): door skin, door frames, door beams, fittings, mechanisms…
Secondary Structure / Brackets for: structural reinforcements, fittings, couplings, insulation, systems (air conditioning, water, oxygen, electrical…), cabin components (hatracks, ceilings, side wall panels, galley…)

GURUCAD delivers in the area of Structure Design:

3D Primary/Secondary Structure Design by using aerospace standard CAD tools (Preliminary – Conceptual, Detail – Manufacturing Design)
3D Brackets – Secondary Structure Catalogs creation (BDPC) in CATIA V5/V4
Using CATIA V5 Composite Grid Design / Ply by ply method for creation of primary and secondary structure
HnF (Holes & Fasteners) 3D Models for Primary and Secondary Structure
3D Templates Catalogs creation in CATIA V5/V4 for primary and secondary structure components
2D drawings generation (manufacturing, assembly and installation drawings acc. aviation or customer standard – ISO/DIN)
Product Documentation (Technical Documentation)
Integration/Data Migration
Clash/clearance/segregation detection (automated via our suite of aerospace tools)
Visualization of aircraft sections (3D data reduction, merging of 3D data)
Release of complete 3D/2D/BOM inside customer PDM System (Primes, Enovia VPM, Taksy, Teamcenter, Smarteam)
Production complaints – BB’s, BM’s and Concessions rework (wrong installation/manufacture of brackets, wrong drilling of composite structure…)
Feasibility studies concerning different types of primary structure shapes and materials
Design deviations creation
Implementation of weight reduction measures for primary and secondary structure
Structural modifications to adapt passenger aircrafts to freighter or reverse
Structural modifications to integrate new cabin interior (refurbishing)

For the Design Workpackages we conduct in-house, we use the following software:

GURUCAD Tools (CATIA V5 Power Copy for Primary/Secondary Structure, Clash/Visualization Tools, CATIA V5 macros/UDF…)
CATIA V5 (including Composite Grid Design) and Q-Checker

GURUCAD has a very strong know-how in the area of Stress Analysis using modern calculation methods and tools among them, there are also GURUCAD developed tools for geometry simplification in CATIA V5, exchange of FEM data from CATIA V5 to PATRAN and reverse, template macro based Word Stress Reports… All this assure our customers that their structure will be weight-optimised and the stress analysis costs will be kept under control.

GURUCAD provides the following Analysis & Simulation Services:

FE modeling & meshing (0D, 1D, 2D and 3D Elements)
Finite Element Idealization (fittings, inserts, fasteners, wing/fuselage primary structure and specialized structural models)
Creation and interpretation of Finite Element Models
Structural analysis of both composite and metallic structures
Finite element calculation of different loading cases
Modeling of composite materials
Fatigue analysis
Damage tolerance analysis
Crack propagation (fracture) analysis
Thermal analysis
Impact studies
Design and analysis loops with optimization purpose
Expand/review/refine existing finite element models (FEM)
New finite models from geometric models (CAD – geometry simplification)
Hand calculation (rivets, buckling and stress justification)
Interpretation of the results
Presentation of the result to the customer
Development of methods and tools in the area of Stress Analysis
Creation of Justification Stress Reports
Creation of Substantiation Stress Reports
Creation of Interface Loads Reports
Review of concessions

For Stress Workpackages we conduct in-house, we use the following software:

HyperWorks (HyperMesh, RADIOSS, HyperView, OptiStruct)