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Your PLM-CAx Training & Education Services Partner

GURUCAD takes another approach in providing Training solutions. We provide customized training solutions for companies. A customized training is a training created special for your company where we identify, together with you, your company needs related to your PLM-CAx software and we focus our trainings on them.

Trainings services can be combined with Methodology Support/Review for taking full advantage of software that you use and prepare a strong base for your engineering teams in handling the product development challenges (Best Practices creation, methods, guidelines...).

Because of the GURUCAD mentality, providing automation - trainings - design - engineering services in one company, our customers will gain 3 times from this customized trainings: one time because each training will be carefully created based on your special needs, second time because after we evaluate your processes and actual methods we will propose you ways to improve this processes and methods (boost productivity/standardization/quality) and third time you will gain a valuable Partner with a huge know-how in the area of automation - trainings - design - engineering services, this know-how can be used to boost your market competitiveness.

 We are not losing your employee time by teaching them unnecessary commands only to show that we know all of them. Off-course, if your company requests a standard training we can provide you, also with standard trainings.

Our training programs provide a broad range of solutions to improve users productivity and effectiveness in their daily work. Combined with other services that we offer brings great gains in time and resources for your company.

The courses are updated at each release to allow each user to remain current in the latest methods and techniques of implementing the PLM-CAx solutions. Our PLM-CAx Training & Education Services we offer in English, German and Romanian languages.

For further information or question please contact our PLM-CAx Training & Education Department.
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