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GURUCAD introduces the "DESIGN TIME CUTTER" suite of services, an innovative concept to radically improve productivity and time gains through a better process, automation of sub-processes/complete process, cumulating tasks.

Streamline, streamline, streamline ... up to the bottom line each of your engineering processes, especially your engineering design processes. Eliminate any second of wasted time in your organization.

Between 15-80% budget reduction can be reached with our "DESIGN TIME CUTTER" suite of services. Because we are billing you only based on our output (your budget reduction achieved) we are interested in reaching the biggest possible benefits for you.

We will automate complete processes, no more user interaction (99% budget reduction for that process). Complicated tasks will be simplified through automating sub-tasks.

What are the steps of implementation of "DESIGN TIME CUTTER" inside your organization?

RedArrow Phase 1: Analyze of your actual ENGINEERING-IT-PLM-CAx processes. Depending of your organization size, GURUCAD will place 2-4 consultants at your site to perform this analyze. This phase can take between 1-2 weeks. You will be billed 10.000,- €/consultant for German based companies and 10.000,- € + travel - accommodation costs/consultant for companies based outside Germany. The only reason of this fee is to protect us from companies that are not interested to implement this services and only waste our time. This fee will be recovered if you choose to perform all phases with us ("DESIGN TIME CUTTER" solutions will be implemented in your company);

RedArrow Phase 2: GURUCAD will inform you about the gains in percentage (time/productivity/quality/budget) that can be reached in your ENGINEERING-IT-PLM-CAx processes. A breakdown on processes will be presented to you with the expected gains in percentage (take in consideration that this breakdown will not be detailed showing you how we will achieve this gains, you will get only the numbers/percentages). Here you have the possibility to stop our collaboration and choose to implement this kind of services with another company. In this case you will lose the initial fee;

RedArrow Phase 3: Customer will agree these gains as deliverables in a contract and GURUCAD will start the implementation. A mixed GURUCAD team from Engineering, IT, PLM, PDM, CAx area will be placed at customer place for delivering all the necessary inputs to the off-site team that will build the entire infrastructure for the new - innovative processes;

RedArrow Phase 4: The entire solution will be tested at customer and will be benchmarked (initial budget used/actual necessary budget). Usually we achieve better results than we estimate because, during implementation, the customer introduces us also in down-stream processes and we improve also in that area (manufacturing, extended enterprise management, marketing);

RedArrow Phase 5: After benchmarking, GURUCAD will propose two ways of payment:
- yearly, 30% from the customer budget reduction in that year because of our solution (service and support from our side will be included) will be billed at the end of each year. In the first year will be deducted the fee paid in Phase 1;
- yearly, 25% from the customer expected budget reduction in that year because of our solution (service and support from our side will be included) will be billed at the beginning of each year. In the first year will be deducted the fee paid in Phase 1. Starting with second year this fee will be calculated taking in consideration the evolution from previous year (fee will rise or diminish based on customer use of our solution);

This is meaning that we provide you, starting with "tomorrow", with a real budget reduction of 10-60%. Depending of your organization size the entire implementation of the "DESIGN TIME CUTTER" suite of services can take between 3 months and 1 year. Because is a continuous process, once a process will be optimized and released by our testing team you can start and use the new process.

If the customer requests a new evaluation and a new iteration of this processes to streamline even more this processes, will receive from us a new evaluation and based on new budget reduction a new yearly fee will be calculated (a reduction of 5% of the above fees will be applied).

The contract can be cancelled after 3 years. Usually our solutions life time is at least 10 years.

For further information or question please contact our IT Department.
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