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GURUCAD - Breaking the knowledge limits

GURUCAD is Second Tier Supplier for EADS SAS (AIRBUS, EUROCOPTER, EADS ASTRIUM and all others  EADS Subsidiaries) since 1st October 2008.

GURUCAD is a new concept of providing Engineering & IT Consultancy - 3D/2D Product Design, Trainings, Services & IT Products. We are actively involved in standardising companies working processes by providing solutions (trainings, methods, automation - macros, API) that help them reduce time to market and build corporate stable processes that improve the company general know-how for the next products. Process standardisation, manufacturing, analysis and lifecycle management solutions and services are other GURUCAD strong points.

Our Engineers have several years of industry experience in several key industries (Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Robotic, Lighting Systems, Shipsbuilding, Customer Goods Machines and Products).

Strong Engineering and IT background:
RedArrow Engineering Background - gained in working for large OEM‘s through their suppliers: Airbus, Boeing; in international environments: USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania.
Red Arrow IT Background - gained in large scale projects concerning improving productivity, standardise company processes, developing software and web applications.

Fast reaction to market requests because of the easy to understand of the customer engineering requirements and integration of this requirements in Engineering & IT outputs (trainings, methods, customisation of software applications) characterize us.

We establish straight forward relations with our customers by giving them a reliable partner in solving different Engineering & IT tasks.

We work international, no country limits, no software limits, having this attitude we fulfill and exceed our customer requirements. GURUCAD GbR is located in Hamburg, Germany. This city is a high-end environment concerning Engineering & IT innovation. Here are located three large companies concerning Aerospace industry: Airbus Deutschland, Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg Airport and also a very large infrastructure built around this companies (education and research centers, manufactures, suppliers).

Name and logo GURUCAD is our trademark that we use to describe our activity and products. GURUCAD is an independent international consulting and services company having no partnership or affiliation with the PLM/CAx Software development companies. GURUCAD express a willing to become the best in providing CAx related services combined with IT services.
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